Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gargoyles 85's and Ansi Classics Sunglasses are back!

Due to high customer demand, Gargoyles Eyewear has decided to remake the old Ansi Classic Sunglasses as well as the smaller 85's Sunglasses. You may remember these from The Terminator movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen wearing them. We even spotted them in the intro to the movie Sixteen Candles! Nascar driver, Dale Earnhardt Sr., was wearing them too. And Clint Eastwood put 'em on in Sudden Impact. Needless to say, they were super popular in the 1980's. They seem to fit people's faces well and they also provide superior eye protection. So why not bring 'em back for 2015!!?

Visit our Gargoyles Ansi Classic Board on Pinterest to see these styles in action!

Gargoyles Ansi Classic Sunglasses Description:
"This iconic rimless style incorporates tradition and cutting edge innovation. Make no mistake, Classic's are back. Light weight but robust, Classic offers outstanding ANSI Z87.1+ level protection with anti-reflective and oleo-phobic treatment to repel water and resist smudging to make cleaning easier. Additionally, Classic’s famous toric shield lenses provide the user with a fully unobstructed vertical viewing pane. All Gargoyles lenses are ballistic-rated - meeting or exceeding ANSI Z871.1+ impact standards." – Gargoyles Eyewear

Gargoyles 85's Sunglasses Description:
"At 85% the size of our original ANSI Classic Sunglasses, Gargoyles 85's combine our quintessential double toric lens with excellent protection in a smaller, more compact body. The metallic frames provide strength and durability, and the Z87.1+ polycarbonate lenses are high-mass impact rated. Gargoyles 85's are highly versatile in both protective features and style." – Gargoyles Eyewear

Both of these sunglass styles come in a variety of colorways. We offer Free USA Shipping in the continental United States. International Shipping also available (subject to shipping charges).

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