Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Does Kaenon have the best Polarized lens? We think so!

You're a Sunglass Garage customer, right!? And you follow us on social media too. So you have certainly heard us talk about polarization (polarized or polar for short). Kaenon Polarized is one of our favorite brands when it comes to polarized lenses. Their polarized technology is, arguably, one of the best in the industry.
Polarized Image Demonstration
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So do you really know what the term ‘polarized’ means? Let's be honest... many people don’t have a clue. Simply put, polarized lenses block glare. They also filter out 100% of harmful UV rays which is a necessary preventative measure for maintaining eye health. Are you wondering why you would need to reduce glare in your everyday life? Glare is all around us and is caused by light reflecting off bright or flat objects like water, glass, snow, or roads. If you participate in activities such as fishing, boating, skiing or driving, glare can be a dangerous and distracting issue. Polarized lenses are the perfect solution to this problem. They cut through the glare and allow you to see what's really there in front of you.

A word of caution: Not all polarized lenses are created equal! You get what you pay for in terms of quality, so we highly suggest doing your homework in order to make a quality purchase/investment.

If you're looking for a recommendation, you can already guess that we believe in Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses. Kaenon was started by a couple of brothers who wanted to revolutionize the polarized lens market. They put a plan together and set off to produce the now patented SR-91 polarized lens, which just happens to be the most advanced polarized lens available today. The benefits of Kaenon's lenses include: razor-sharp clarity, impact-protection, superior scratch-resistance and glare-reduction – all wrapped into one ultra-lightweight lens. And don't forget about their Lifetime Guarantee against delamination, cracking or splitting.

Another great advantage of Kaenon brand sunglasses is their selection. They offer trendy, classic and sport sunglass styles in a variety of colorways for both men and women. Here are a few of our favorites:

Kaenon Burnet Sunglasses Kaenon Georgia Sunglasses Kaenon Bluesmaster Sunglasses Kaenon Kat-I Sunglasses
Pro-Golfer Kevin Stadler wears Kaenon Lewi Sunglasses - Black / Grey Polarized
Still need more info? Read more about polarization and the Kaenon Polarized patented SR-91 lenses on our website. Buy a new pair of Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses online at Sunglass Garage today. You'll be as impressed as we are!