Friday, October 21, 2011

Smith Optics Elite: Premium Eye Protection
Military, Tactical & Ballistic Eyewear

Eye protection is paramount! Terms like MIL SPEC and ANSI Z87.1 describe ballistic eye protection by defining impact resistance of a projectile at a predetermined velocity. Smith Optics Elite uses aggressive research and testing to deliver materials that don’t just meet protective eyewear standards, they outclass them. Smith's tactical eyewear lenses are engineered to absorb impacts that exceed requirements with optimized optical clarity. You don’t settle for just getting by and neither does Smith Elite Optics.

Choose Tactical Goggles, Turbo Fan Goggles, Ballistic Sunglasses, or a Protective Eyeshield. Whether you're deployed, training for a mission, or shooting for sport, rest assured that Smith Optics Elite Division delivers the highest performing ballistic eye protection available to the tactical athlete.

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