Saturday, August 6, 2011

Von Zipper's Bob Marley Sunglass Collection

What's hot this summer? RASTA Baby! Von Zipper has a new collection of Bob Marley Sunglasses that are simply rad... and selling out faster than you can say "One Love"! Unassuming from the outside, they are mostly black.... with just a hint of the red, yellow and green peeking out. On the inside, when the light hits the transparent colors, they radiate the essence of rasta. Awesome!

Von Zipper says, "We're proud to collaborate with the Marley family in the spirit of Bob's legacy to create a collection of sunglasses to honor the champion of the vulnerable."

This collection is also eco-friendly and falls into VZ's Shift Into Neutral category of sunglasses – a collection of sunglasses that are made from the environmentally friendly and sustainable oil derived from the castor bean.

Get up, stand up and lively up yourself in these rad Bob Marley frames. They're going fast, so get your pair today at the Sunglass Garage!