Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kids Snowboard Goggles - Are you taking the kids Skiing, Snowboarding or Sledding this season?

2012-2013 Kids Snowboard Goggles have arrived online at the Sunglass Garage!

Don't forget that those crazy kids (tots and teens alike) need some eye protection so they can be ultimate shredders too. Keep 'em safe and style'n all at the same time with snow goggles from Sunglass Garage.

Protecting your kids eyes on the slopes is an extremely important (and often overlooked) part of snow safety precaution. They need the same protection that adults do. You need to protect those tiny peepers from the harsh glare that often comes off of snowy surfaces. Make sure the kids goggles you choose have UVA and UVB protection to filter out those harmful rays. You also want to protect them from all of the crazy objects that are flying around during snow activities.... ski poles, skis, snowboards, boots, ice chunks, snowballs, tree branches, other kids, and even that out-of-control adult novice.... need I say more? Eye injuries can ruin your otherwise fabulous snowy activities. Simply put, don't let it happen!

Be sure to plan ahead, folks! You probably don't want to wait until you get to the mountain to buy the kids their snow goggles. Ordering online will give you a better selection at much lower prices. If you wait, you'll be forced into whatever snow goggles the ski shop happens to have on hand – often at more expensive prices!

We've got a great selection of quality kids snow goggles at low prices at the Sunglass Garage...what are you waiting for?
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